We offer the latest in physical rehabiliation technology, including the following services:

  • Therapeutic ultrasound

    Stimulates blood flow to increase tissue temperature and remodel scar tissue.  This benefits your pet by increasing healing and decreasing muscle spasms.

  • Electrical stimulation

    Used for muscle and nerve re-education, and also decreases pain and swelling.

  • Underwater treadmill

    Specifically designed to provide buoyancy while allowing your pet to exercise comfortably.  Active movements with water resistance will increase strength with minimal stress on the joints.  The circulating water is kept at a warm temperature which is also very soothing for your pet.

  • Cold/heat therapy

    Used before/after exercise to decrease swelling and pain, to increase blood flow and to decrease tissue tightntess.

  • Gait training/therapeutic exercises

    Used for strengthening, improving the use of an affected limb and improving overall performance.

  • Massage

    Used in conjunction with exercise and range of motion.

  • Orthotics/prosthetics/splints/braces

    Used to aid/assist in the use of an injured limb.  Our rehab specialists can order custom devices made specially for your pet.

  • Wheelchairs/carts

    Useful for pets that need assistance to ambulate and to allow them to maintain an active life.  Our rehab specialists can take the appropriate measurements needed and order your pet’s wheelchair/cart.  We can also assist with teaching your pet how to use their new set of wheels.